Saturday, November 25, 2006

We're in Guangzhou!!

Hello from Guangzhou! This is our last stop before we come home. We flew here late yesterday. It wasn't too bad, if you consider stinky dirty diaper, screaming for a hot bottle, and being spit up on, not bad.......!! I can only laugh! I'm hoping she got it all out of her system so our 14 hour plane ride home will go a little smoother. (hey, a girl can hope, right?!)
It has been nice to meet up again with all the families that went to different provinces. But we also feel such a strong connection and bond to the 10 families we traveled with to Jiangxi. It is an unexplainable closeness, they feel like our family. It was awesome to share such a wonderful experience with all of our new friends.
This morning all of the babies had their medical exams, and I use that term loosely, as the hearing check was shaking a rattle to see if she responded! We did find out that Addison is now 19 pounds (not the 22 pounds her last update told us). Russ spent the afternoon filling out paperwork for our consulate appt. on Monday, and I stayed with Addison while she napped. She has become a new person since we arrived here! It has been so fun to watch her personality coming out. She likes to be on the floor now, and to play with toys. She can sit, and is just starting to crawl. She tries to pull up on things, but she doesn't have enough strength in her legs yet. She also has a hard time controlling her head, I think she doesn't have enough muscles in her neck yet, either. It's sad to think of what her past year has entailed, but I"m trying my best to make up for it now in kisses and love!!
I posted a picture of the kids and I in Jiangxi with our 2 guides, Amy and Sherry. They were wonderful!I also posted a funny picture of a "squatty potty". I have so far avoided using one, but Alyssa has braved them several times! (by the way, it's bring your own TP, too!)
Tonight we went out for dinner to a Japanese restaurant. It feels sort of funny to come all the way to China, only to eat out at a Japanese place! But it was excellent, and worth it.
Tomorrow is more sight seeing in the morning. It has been nice to have the afternoons free for Addison to take a nap. She is a very good sleeper. Sleeps all night, and has been taking 2 naps a day. I won't complain.
Sorry I haven't had time to answer all the e-mails and comments, but just know how grateful I am to know so many people care about and love our family.
Will try to post again tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going so well. What a blessing! Isn't it time for you to come home?!?
Auntie Kate
P.S. I'm addicted to your blog. I just love hearing about your adventures and seeing pictures!!! I think you'll need to keep it up after you come home. :)

Maria McDavid said...

Addison is beautiful! You look great! Miss you, tell me about the accomidations please! I need to find out if we need two rooms or a sweet, and I know I can get an honest answer from my friend. Hey I will be there in 13 days! Cute squattie potties, glad I got alot of travel toilet paper!!!

Love you

Anonymous said...

Addison looks so relaxed and part of the family! She's so beautiful! What a blessing to have such sweet bonding time!

Only a few more days in China!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

So that is what a squatty potty looks like -- must say it is better than I had imagined from Julie's description but I think I will pass on the experience. We were blessed to spend some time with Nancy and Bob while they were here in Pittsburgh. Today we went to Keims and saw Beepa. Everyone is so-o-o-o-o-o excited about Addison. Sue has her pictures posted all over the kitchen bulletin board. We'll be saying some extra prayers for the 14 hour plane trip!
Love and blessings,
Uncle Bill and Aunt Marge

Brenda Perez said...

Hey Becki, Thanks for the photo of the squatty potty! I have been wondering what I was getting myself into when we travel to China, since I know where every bathroom between my house and every destination I go to is. I'll just use the TP roll as some odd form of jewelry. BTW, Addison is so beautiful! Wish I could hold her. I've loved following your journey. What a blessing - thanks for keeping us all up-dated.
Brenda Perez