Friday, November 30, 2007

Disney reunion!!

While we were waiting for our referral of Addison last year, I was a part of a yahoo chat group set up through our agency for all of the special needs families that were waiting for referrals, or had received referrals. When we received our referral I was able to connect with quite a few of the moms who received referrals at the same time. Our plan and hope was to all travel together to China, and we had an awesome 3 months of chatting while we waited for our Travel Approvals from China. Unfortunately, all of our travel approvals didn't arrive at the same time, and so our group was split into a few different travel groups. We were very disappointed, to say the least. During the wait, our agency actually named us the "chatty group", as we had a lot to say each day!! When we all returned from China, our bond was even closer. So we set up our own yahoo chat group, and have stayed in constant contact ever since. These women have become so special to me, and I consider them each a special friend. We have all become aunties to each of these little girls, and have loved watching them grow up this past year.
All that to say.............we have been planning a reunion at Disney since before we even had our girls home from China! It was so much fun to finally all unite the weekend before Thanksgiving, to see the girls we had traveled with, and to finally meet in person those I have been chatting with for over a year. It was an awesome trip, and we are already planning our next one. Not all of our friends were able to make it to this reunion, so it's a good thing we have more planned in the near future (once a year is definitely not enough!)
So, 8 little 2 year old China girls, and their mommies at Disney, we were quite a sight!!
Here are a few pictures from our weekend, and a link to a video that one of my friends teenage daughter made of our weekend. It's a little long (10 minutes), so watch it when you have some time!
Addison and AnnaClaire on the flight from Charlotte to Orlando. They were so cute!
Addison and Mia....
Beautiful Lucy.......
Addie discovered she LOVES jumping on the trampoline! Addie and Shaoey were happy to be together again....... This is our whole group. We had such a hard time getting a good picture of all the girls. This is the closest we could get........


We had a "Cinderella dinner", so we dressed up all the girls as Princesses......Addie and Bekah, the 2 Jasmines.......

Adorable Mia, waiting for her new big brother to come home from China!

Good bye friends....hope to see you again soon!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Addie's visit with Shaoey!

Our friends that we traveled to China with last year, drove here all the way from Louisiana this past weekend, and spent a few days with us. We had so much fun catching up, hanging out, and watching the girls play together. It was unbelievable how well the girls played together....they definitely have a bond with each other. They just left this morning, but we miss them already. Luckily, Addie and I are flying to Florida next week to spend a few days with even more of our China friends, and Charlene and Shaoey will be there, too. It made saying good-bye a little easier. Here are some pictures from our time together...... Checking things out...

Starting to warm up to each other.....

Having a blast together!!

Getting into trouble?!

All Clean! Aren't they sweet?
Saying Bye......but not for long! See you next week, friends!