Sunday, November 26, 2006


It was not a great day today, and sorry I have no pictures to post. Riley was up all night last night, very sick to his stomach. I slept with Addison, who also kept waking up and crying. Finally this morning, I thought to take her temp, and she was burning up. We thought it was just coincidence that they were both sick, and that Riley probably ate something that didn't agree with him. Unfortunately more babies and kids in our group are sick today, and more keep getting sick. We appreciate all your prayers for us, as we get ready to fly home on Wednesday. I'm glad Riley got it over with now, but it was awful, and I'm hoping none of the rest of us get it. Thanks for the prayers. I do have to tell you one quick story. We have not been able to get Addison to eat any food, whatsoever. She will have nothing to do with food, even though the info. we got says she likes baby cereal and soup, etc. We have been trying and trying to feed her food. No way no how!! So tonight we cut the hole in her bottle a little bigger and added some cereal to her formula. She chugged that bottle down! When she finished she sat up and gave us the biggest smile we have ever seen! We all made such a big deal out of it, we were clapping and saying Yah Addison. So she tried really hard to clap, and kept on smiling! My heart melted. Have I mentioned she is the cutest little thing I have ever seen??!! Hope to have good pictures and good news tomorrow! Will keep you all posted.


Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,
We'll pray that everyone gets over this sickness before the flight home, uggh, not fun I'm sure. How cute that Addison was tryihg to clap- she's adorable. We miss you all and are looking forward to you returning on Wednesday. I'm sure it will be nice to settle down a bit and be home.
God bless you,
The Hyatts

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking for as awful it is for there to be sickness spreading, you have quite an army of prayer warriors who are holding you up in prayer now more than ever. Even in those very hard moments, God will get you through.

Just two days to go, and you will be heading home. Before long it will all be a memory. Rest up, take good care, and we will press on in prayer. You are loved!

Julie and Todd

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that everyone is not at 100%. We will certainly send some extra prayers up for health and healing. I can imagine what was going through dear little Addison's head when you finally added some cereal to her bottle -- Yes, I finally have them trained! I guess the orphange put everything into bottles so the babies could feed themselves. Take care. Our love to all.
Uncle Bill and Aunt Marge

Anonymous said...

Praying for you! And looking forward to seeing you soon! Maybe Addison is just holding out for Taco Fresco! he-he! : ) Ask her if she's ever heard of this place called Chili's. Maybe we'll have to try it out together when you get back. Looking forward to lots of adventures!

Auntie Kate

Anonymous said...

SO sorry they are sick, will say a prayer!!
get her to home, she will love mcdonalds sooner then you think!! hahaa