Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Easter...

Here are a few more pictures from Easter Sunday. Alyssa and Riley were sent on their own little scavenger hunt through the house, and Addie was entertained looking for her eggs in the family room. This girl LOVES chocolate! So being the mean parents, we loaded up her eggs with goldfish! It's a good thing we did, too, because she insisted on opening each one as she got it, and then munched away.
Easter baskets at the end. We got Addison a little Mr. potato head set, but it includes Mr. Potato, Mr. Corn and Mr. Carrot! Did anyone know they made these? They are hilarious, and so cute. It's not easy getting a good picture of 3 kids! Alyssa and Riley are always so patient, but this is a rare picture, where Addie is almost smiling. You can see in the next two pictures what she usually does when we try to get a good one. Um....can you say "2 year old"?! ha After church, we met all of my family for Easter Brunch. It was so nice being with everyone. But there was a big dressed up Easter bunny walking around, and Addie was absolutely petrified of him. He couldn't even come into the same room, or she would completely melt down. Poor baby!
What a nice day we had celebrating the joy of the empty tomb! Happy Easter everyone....He is risen!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter - Part 1

The day before Easter, our church held a Easter Egg Hunt. It was supposed to be outside, but because it was snowing (!) the day before, they held it inside. Addie had a great time, though she didn't quite get the idea of hunting for eggs. As you can see, they weren't too hard to find,either. But she was more interested in playing with the toys in the room. After the eggs, she decorated a yummy cookie, ate her cookie, and visited a petting zoo! What a fun day she had. There were little chicks hidden is some of the eggs. Addie took one out and immediately kissed it! Decorating cookies with Daddy....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last winter picture....

I HOPE this is the last winter picture I post for a LONG time. It has been a really long winter here, and it's still not supposed to warm up anytime soon. I think we are about ready to move south again! I forgot to post this picture from February, and it was too cute to pass up. So here you go, and may the next post be filled with green grass, flowers, and sun! (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?!)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

She cracks us up!

This was so funny, I had to post it. Addie was being so sweet reading to her daddy tonight, I had to get it on video. Wait till you see what I got on video, though....pretty funny!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More Addie and Ivy...

I put this collage together with a few of the photos from the professional shoot. We didn't seem to get any really good "smiling" pictures, but I love the tea party shots. It was as much fun for me to watch Addison playing tea party as it was to get the pictures! Anyway, I'm having fun playing with the pictures on my own computer. I need to get a good photo editing program, if anyone has any good suggestions...I'm open! Thanks.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tired of winter?

So are we! I put this together for my own sanity, hope it gives you a taste of warmer days coming...........(by the way, it's my first attempt at "movie making"!)