Sunday, November 19, 2006


We had another great day. I can honestly say, we have been so busy every single day, I have hardly had time to think about what tomorrow (gotcha day) will be like.
After another great breakfast at our hotel, we went to the international church in Beijing. It was awesome. Worshiping with people from all over the world was awesome! (a taste of heaven, maybe!
After church we went to a jade factory. It is custom in China that the mother wears a jade bracelet until her daughter gets married, and then the bracelet gets passed on. I loved the idea, didn't love the cost! And with 2 daughters after tomorrow, we decided to wait on that tradition!
After the jade factory, another lunch of Chinese food. The amount of food they serve us is incredible. They seem to just bring plate after plate of food until we are done and ready to leave.
After lunch we headed to the Great Wall of China. WOW!!! Pictures definitely do not do it justice. It is steep and at a high altitude. There are 7 towers you can climb, and Russ and the kids climbed to the 6th tower. Trust me when I say, that was a huge accomplishment! This was definitely an experience I don't think any one of us will ever forget.
After the great wall, we went to another Chinese meal. And tonight we went to see a Chinese acrobatic show. Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures or video, but it was great!!
Riley and Alyssa are exhausted......actually we are all exhausted. Some of the people in our group are heading to other provinces in the morning, and have to be in the lobby of our hotel by 5:45 am. I am thankful to say, our group doesn't have to be down there until 9 AM.
Hopefully, my next post will be of our family of FIVE!! Stay tuned.........
Pictures from today:


Anonymous said...

Becky and family.....We are so excited to see the updates on your blog! We are praying for you daily! The photos are just amazing! Can't wait to hear and see more....especially when you meet Addison! The entire Moms group prayed for you at our meeting Thursday! You are on many peoples hearts and minds! God bless!
Gretta :)

Anonymous said...

When you do some of your shopping, you can find jade necklaces that are a pendant and you buy the chain separately. I have one that I wear now in a heart shape with purple jade, that has the Chinese character for love. I will pass that one down to Maddie. Then Todd's mom also got one to pass down to Emma. They are inexpensive -- not the high quality of the jade factory -- but still a way to carry on a bit of the Chinese tradition in a more affordable way. I wear it often and it's a special memory. Just a thought if you'd want to look while you shop in the coming week.

You are so close -- just a few more hours to go!!! Welcome to Gotcha Day!!!

Love from all of us,

Anonymous said...

WOW! What an awesome time you are having! What incredible family memories! I just LOVE checking this site! I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. SO excited for you to meet Addison!

Anonymous said...

wow. busy busy! i will be praying for you tomorrow.
whats the weather? it looks beautiful there!


Anonymous said...

Wow Guys,

You are getting close to meeting your little girl. We are really excited for you and love seeing everything through your eyes. What an adventure you are on. Thanks for taking the pictures so that we can travel with you. Oh, and I love the fact that they had Chocolate!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to "Gotcha Day"! It is Sunday evening here -- Monday morning there, in fact about the time that some of your group needs to be assembling for the trip to their providence. We are so excited to see your pictures of meeting Addison. Your pictures have been awesome! Our love to the five Carlsons!
Uncle Bill and Aunt Marge

Lisa said...

How cool that Riley is wearing the Spider shirt in China!!! Love it.

You know that you are in our thoughts and hearts tonight (tomorrow for you). Addison is such special gift. We can't wait to kiss those cheeks.
Love you so much,
Rich, Lisa, Luke and Brooke

Brooke said...

Aunt Becki-
As I look through your pictures, I'm imagining the fun you all are having. It's like a new family member and a two week (kindof) vacation. THe Great Wall of China looks ssoooooo neat!!!
I wish I was there with you all!!!!
I hope Alyssa has been reading her notes- tell her that i said that if you will.
I got to see Addison's room today and yesterday night. If she likes pink then she is the luckiest girl in the world.!!!!! LOVE IT!!!
EVeryone seems to be having a GREAT time but, we'll wait till today(monday for you) for the real pleasure to come.

Anonymous said...

The Serby's are anxiously waiting to read your blog tomorrow. We are re-living our "gotcha" days for Lauren and Zachary as we read each day. Tomorrow is a blessing beyond words! Enjoy every minute! God is so good!
Much love and prayers,
The Serby's

Anonymous said...

Hey Carlsons! It's close to noon in China as I write this on Sunday night, and I just wanted you all to know that you're in our thoughts and prayers as you meet your little girl today! Can't wait to turn on my computer tomorrow to see pics! Looks like you're having tons of fun and I'm so excited to meet little Addison! God bless as you become 5 today! Tears fill my eyes as I think of the amazing things God is doing in and through your family!


Anonymous said...


What a joy it is to journey with you. It is 6:oo am Florida time and I hope that you have Addison wrapped in your arms right now and it is as if she was always there. Thanks for sharing pics and details with all of us and for staying connected with us chatty girls even though I know you are exhausted. May God continue to annoint your steps and grant your family a sweet and glorious time as you get to know your precious Addison.

Nichole Minot
From the AWAA SN Group

Anonymous said...

Rus and Becki,

I can't wait to hear about Monday. I pray that everything is and has gone perfectly! I can't imagine what you are feeling. Wish I could have climbed the tower with you! Ran 26.2 yesterday...half of it in pain...ugh.

Love you!


Anonymous said...

Becki and Russ and Kids,
You must have a thousand thoughts running through your minds right now, but most of all the love towards a small life God is entrusting to your hands. May God bless you all as you begin a brand new phase of parenthood and family life. Start praying now for that young child's future mate as we uphold all of you in our prayers. Give Addison a kiss for us.
Grandma and Grandpa Miller

Anonymous said...

Dear Russ, Becki, Alyssa, and Riley,
We are SO excited for you! We've been reading your blogs as a family every night and praying for you. I cry every time I read them!! It's just so neat to see you go through this process and now are one day away from getting Addison. Your pictures are awesome too. Can't wait to see you all when you return as a family of 5.
lots of love,
Becky H.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carlsons! (all 5 of you!)
Brian and I went to bed praying for you last night and woke up early this morning to log onto your site. We are eager to see pictures of Addison-who I hope is in your arms right now! Thanks so much for taking the time to journal and post the pics-even when you're so exhausted. It's wonderful to read about and see all that you are experiencing.
love, Heather