Saturday, November 18, 2006

Our First Day in China

Wow, I thought we were tired last night! They kept us moving all day long. We started our day with a great breakfast buffet in our hotel.Then we went to Tiananmen Square. We are a group of 73 people, (all adopting through America World Adoption Agency) so we split into two groups, each group filling a bus! After Tiananmen Square (where we were warned ahead of time not to ask about anything political), we walked all the through the Forbidden City. Everything is in the process of being restored in preparation for the 2008 Olympics, being held in Beijing. One of the pictures we posted is a countdown to the Olympics. After the Forbidden City, we went out to lunch for some great Chinese food! (nothing like Panda Express, which was disappointing for Riley and Alyssa!) After lunch,we visited a pearl factory and then went to the Summer Palace. The picture of the boat is at the Summer Palace, it is made completely out of marble. Does that sound like enough for one day?? Guess again! We then went to a silk factory, which we also posted a picture of. We were able to buy a couple of Chinese traditional silk dresses for Addison. After the silk factory we went out for dinner and had a traditional Peking Duck dinner. Russ liked most of the food they served us, and it was a TON of food! Alyssa, Riley and I tried some new things, but our favorite thing was the chocolate ice cream at the end! We are finally back at our hotel, and once again, we are all know it's bad when Riley asks to go to bed!! So that's all for tonight......hope to post again tomorrow! (and less then 48 hours to go until Addison!!! )


Anonymous said...

WOW, what a full day!! I am exhausted just reading about it. Chocolate ice cream -- now that is my speed and maybe some rice and vegetables. What a wonderful experience for you all. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures with us. I know you must be very excited in counting the hours until "Got-cha" for Addison. We're looking forward to seeing those pictures too. Blessings to you all!
Uncle Bill and Aunt Marge

Anonymous said...

This website is AWESOME!!! I love being able to see your pics and hear about your experiences. Way cool! We are praying for you. I know you are counting the hours until you can meet Addison! I'm so glad Alyssa and Riley were able to go with you! Looking forward to seeing your next update! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

this is SO cool! i am SO happy for you!! was exhasted reading your post!!
make sure to take a 'run' around china for me!! ENJOY-Kendra

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great day...we missed you at "Wicked," but I think your day was too full to add one more thing!

We miss you tons!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, the pix and narrative are great. We sure are hoping and praying with you for a wonderful addition to the Carlsons. You are so loved by many and we just can't wait to see you all when you get back. Also, its Addison's turn to go to DisneyWorld!! We will get her room ready!! Love to you all and special hugs for Alyssa and Riley!! Your Florida Connection--Aunt M and Uncle D