Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July at the Beach!

We just got back from a week in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. It was a great week, and a much needed vacation. Here are a few (ok, more than a few!) of my favorite photos from the week....
Crab legs, Yummy!!!
Deep sea fishing..... This is where Riley spent most of his week......on his skimboard! Our family of five! pretty! We spent a day with our friends from China - Lucy, and her mom Laura.
Becki and my sister in law Lisa. We had so much fun together!!
Alyssa - riding the waves... Sisters!
Cousins! Happy 4th of July!! Alyssa and cousin Ginny with their hair wraps! Thanks Aunt Lisa! :)


Anonymous said...


Awesome photos! It looks like you guys had a great trip. Welcome home!!!!


Amy Jo said...

Wow! Looks like you guys had a GREAT trip! Thanks for sharing the pics. So glad you were able to get together with Laura & Lucy. Sending you love!

Keri said...

These are great pictures! I love Addison's bathing suits. The kids look so happy and so do Mom and Dad. Glad you got to spend time with Laura and Lucy!


fricke92 said...

Looks like a great vacation! Wonderful pictures! Welcome back from China...I enjoyed following your trip!