Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Want to come shopping with me?

I"m not too hard to shop with....even though my mommy did have to leave wal-mart early last night. We waited in the car while daddy finished shopping. I thought it was fun screaming and whining all through the store. I guess that's not so fun for my mommy and daddy. They said I was " sturbing all the people" (whatever that means)
I was better at Sams today. I only threw one container of strawberries all over the floor. heh heh!! And I only spit one food sample into mommys hand when she didn't have a napkin. I was a good helper today. I watched my mommy smelling the pineapple and cantelopes before she chose the best one, so I figured I could help her by insisting she let me smell everything she put into the cart. She thought that was a good idea, and let me smell everything! Isn't she nice? My mommy said if I was good, we would get lunch when we were done. So I was real good. I love to share lunch with my mommy. We shared pizza today, and it's really funny when my mommy cuts up bites for me then I insist on eating hers. I just wanted to share my little bites with her. And since I was so good to get lunch, I knew it would be ok when we were done with lunch to throw a little hissy fit about getting back into that shopping cart. Here's a little tip - if you make your legs as stiff as you can, she can't get them back through the holes where you're supposed to sit! heh heh.
So, like I was saying...anyone want to come shopping with me next time? It'll be a real good time, I promise! :)
By the way, does anyone know what my mommy means when she says "it's a good thing she's so cute?" hmmm.......


Jie Jie to Sarah Lu & Chayah Ru said...

Oh, that is SO CUTE!!!! And something that I can so relate to! Today Jie Jie had a very fun time chasing Sarah at full speed through Super Walmart! lol ;) Addison is too cute!!! We need to set up a time that Addison and Sarah can play together- I know they'd be great friends! =D

Anonymous said...

Good thing you're so cute, Addie!


Lisa said...

Great post! Did you tell her she would be "grounded" if she didn't sit in the cart after lunch?

Julie said...

We'll go shopping with you anytime:) Kamryn and Addie would have fun together!

Keri said...

What part of China is Addie from? That picture of her on the bike looks a little like Claire to me. I think if Claire had bangs it would be even more clear. Of course I think she's adorable!