Monday, January 21, 2008


Addison loves chocolate....I mean REALLY loves chocolate!! (she takes after her mommy!) And she recently found my hidden stash of Lindt chocolates in my nightstand drawer. I have caught her eyeing them a lot lately, and one day she got a hold of one and unwrapped it and popped it in her mouth within a matter of seconds. Because I had told her "no", she got a time-out. But I don't think it mattered, because she spent her time-out enjoying the chocolate in her mouth. :)
So a few days ago she was in our room, and was being very quiet. This was the conversation that followed........
Daddy: Addison, did you get into mommy's chocolate?
Addison: (with a mouth that looked stuffed and chocolate drool going down her chin)
Daddy: Are you sure you didn't get into mommy's chocolate and eat some?
Addison: shaking head no
Daddy: Addison, was mommy's chocolate good?
Addison: YES!!!!
Daddy: Addison, did you like mommy's chocolate?
Addison: Yummy!
It's a good thing she's so darn cute!


Julie said...

Too funny! We'll have to get together and go out for chocolate:) since Kamryn and I love chocolate too! There's that little chocolate store downtown Naperville . . . I'll call you!


Lisa said...

Your house looks so clean in these pictures! Wow--I'm so jealous!