Sunday, March 04, 2007


My Brown-Eyed Girl!
This is pure joy!
Addison learned how to stand up this week! She thinks it is so funny when she stands up then falls back down. She laughs and laughs. She cracks me up, every day!!
Thanks for my new sweater Grandma Carlson, see how pretty I look?!


Erica said...

Oh my oh my, I just adore Addison's great big grin in the picture just after she stood up! What a sweet girl you have there. We really must get together!

Anonymous said...

Addison really does look pretty in her new sweater. I loved the pictures of her learning to stand. One can just see how very pleased she is with her accomplishment! She is doing so well, won't be long until she is running after her big sister and brother.
Uncle Bill and Aunt Marge

Anonymous said...

Love the photo updates!!

Absolutely precious!!! I could just squeeze her from here!

Hugs from Ohio,

Eileen said...

Allison just learned to stand like that too in the last few days! Oh is she proud of herself when she does it. Sometimes she just gets up and stands there, sometimes she can start walking right after getting up, and sometimes she's barely up before she plops back down. So cute!

I really miss the Chatty Girls! However I am STILL working on some things, and not getting all the mail has been so good for me. I WILL come back and some point, but not sure how much longer. Say HI to everyone, miss them, will be back soon!

And yes, a summer get together is going to be a FOR SURE thing!