Tuesday, December 05, 2006


We have had a good week! Addison's fever is gone, and she is like a new person. We have finally figured out that she will eat food as long as it isn't on a fork or spoon! The picture I posted is her eating a chocolate chip cookie!! Hey, whatever works!
She took her first bath tonight without crying! And, we had a fun day shopping with Auntie Kate!
Yes, it has been a successful week all around, can't wait to see what comes next!


Anonymous said...

Madison has been praying for Addison!! It is so sweet! So glad to hear she is well. Everytime Madison and I sit at the computer, she wants to see pictures of China!

Madison wants Addison to please come to her house. (I'm sure you don't want to travel any time soon, but I thought I'd pass along her message. She is singing a song about it as I type!)

Love from the Richards

Anonymous said...

So thankful that Addison's fever is gone. PTL!!! I'm with you -- whatever works to get them to eat. I was wondering if she would pick up food and eat it. I remember that Grant had an aversion to the spoon too but you should see him eat now! It sounds like Addison is making a good adjustment to her new life. Has she had any snow experience?
Take care and our love to all of you.
Uncle Bill and Aunt Marge