Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday in Jiangxi

Another day of touring. Today was a little slower. We visited a beautiful 6 story pavillion. It overlooks the Gan River, which is Addison's Chinese Surname (last name). I posted a picture of us overlooking it. It was windy, and rainy today. But it hasn't been terribly cold. After the pavillion, we ate lunch at Pizza Hut! Pizza Hut pizza has never tasted so good to me! I think I will lose a few pounds before we get home. Although my dark chocolate M&M's are holding me over (thanks Lisa!!).
About Addison..........what can I say? We are all so in love with this precious little girl. She has been a little fussy the past two days, but with all of our traveling, touring and appointments, her schedule is pretty messed up. It will be good to get home, and let her take some normal naps. I think she would take 2 naps a day if she could. She falls asleep while we are driving places, and then gets woken up. Considering her life has been completely turned upside down, I think she is doing wonderful. She has slept all night every night since we have gotten her. She loves to be held. She has this funny habit of when she is tired she will put the back of her hand really close to her mouth and then makes this adorable sucking sound. The funny thing is, she doesn't actually suck her hand, her hand is just close to her mouth. If she is upset, or if she is tired she will do that. She will drink a bottle if it is HOT! We were told this by our guides that the babies like their bottles hot, and that it will make them sweat. They weren't kidding! I have been worried to give her such hot bottles, but if they aren't hot enough she will cry and not drink it. She also doesn't eat any food. I am wondering if she was only fed bottles in her orphanage? It's like she doesn't know what to do with food if you put it in her mouth. We're working on that one! We took her to a play room in the hotel this afternoon, and she was very happy for about half an hour. (a little longer than her "happy time" yesterday). She made a few sounds, and was laughing and smiling. It feels so good to see her happy. She still adores Alyssa, and Alyssa has been great with her, and a big help. I've forgotten how much longer it takes just to get out the door in the morning when you have a baby! But I'm not complaining, I"m loving every minute.
I got some pretty funny pictures of Addison giving her goofy grin! It doesn't happen often, but when it does, we all just crack up at her! I also posted a picture of the "hair girls" from our group! Notice the cute piggy tails!!
Hope everyone is doing well, and looking forward toThanksgiving with friends and family. We all have so much to be thankful for.
With lots of love! Becki, Russ and kids!!!


Anonymous said...

Becki.....we are so enjoying your photos and updates! Addison is just adorable! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and the commentary! How much you have to be thankful for -- Thanksgiving blessings to you all!
Uncle Bill and Aunt Marge

Anonymous said...

I indulged in dark chocolate m&m's when we potty trained Madison (two for her, a handful for me...) Very fun!

What a precious gift for Thanksgiving to hold Addison in your arms and love her into your family!!

Hugs from Ohio!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys-

We love the updates, and have enjoyed getting to share Addison with you guys. Tanner and Maggie are excited too. Continued strength on your travels and may God Bless your family this Thanksgiving! Much love

Hugs and Kisses,
Zack, Cindy, Tanner and Maggie

Anonymous said...

I love the pics, and to hear how God is bonding your family together. Love her Carter's outfit! : ) Looks perfect! We're in Ohio and how cool to still be able to keep up with you and your journey. This is an unforgetable Carlson Thanksgiving! Addison is now with her FOREVER FAMILY!!! Praise the Lord! Man, do I want to squeeze her!!! I'm love her smile! and the pigtails!!! How FUN!
Happy Thanksgiving! Come home soon!!!
Auntie Kate

Anonymous said...

Hello Alyssa,
Addison is so cute!!! I can't wait until you guys get back, so I can see her in person. Everyone is missing you.
See you soon,